ARCHIVE 02-28-12 Authenticate This Hermes Accessory

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  1. I am not an authenicator but this is a good seller and I have bought Chanel from her and been very happy. Very professional and quick to respond.
  2. Those all look good to me. I am not sure of the pricing of the second one at might want to check if it is available and the current price for that. Good luck and thank you for reposting the links, it makes it so much faster to check and respond. :tup:

  3. love Akiko1120; she wraps perfectly and EMS from japan is the way to go. . . she is fantastic. . . I bought a bracelet from her -- same disclaimer -- its in better condition than some in the H boutique
  4. Good to know, TT. Those wallets are gorgeous, she has some lovely things..:drool:
  5. My gut tells me this is authentic. But I cannot see the sellers other auctions because they are all private. S/He seems to have sold hermes in the past, but it is hard to say. Feedback looks good....hmmmmm.

    I honestly have not seen this faked, and you are right they are hard to find...I wish I could be 100% certain, but all I can say is that if it were my grail, I would probably pull the trigger.

    Remember, you only got a babbling opinion there, not a professional authentication. :p

    Proceed with caution. (<<--paypal/Amex)

  6. Thanks CobaltBlu! How would I be able to tell if it were fake once I have purchased it?
  7. The fakes feel like junk, can you get to a boutique and fondle some buckles? It should feel heavy and luxe, well made, no snaggy bits...i know that is subjective and ridiculous sounding, but its really true.....I wish I could be of more help. Maybe someone else can chime in...
  8. Authentic. Seller sells authentic and these are consistent with sellers reputation. Good luck.

  9. thank you so much cobalt blu!
  10. I went ahead and ordered the guillouche buckle. The seller seemed very professional in his responses and he responded to my emails within a couple of hours. I will let you guys know how it is in 3-5 business days! Thanks again Cobalt Blu for the advise!
  11. Fingers crossed for you, ZachF888.
    I think this is a good time to bust out the "Fingers Crossed Lady!"

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.