Anyone know what bag Kyra Sedgwick uses on The Closer?

  1. The Closer bag QVC is selling is PVC - the "Grab and Go" tote (similar to the Closer bag) at Wilson's Leather is still on sale today for $49.99 - I believe it's free shipping, too. Plus you can use the code 3071 and get % off of THAT.

    Unbelievable prices there! People are getting leather bags for under $50, WOW. :tup:

    Here's the URL of the tote:
  2. Mildred Place, thank you very much for the link of that GREAT bag from Wilson leather. I actually like this bag much much better than the one offered at QVC. I just ordered it and can't wait to use it.

    I first thought the bag was a JP Tod since it had similar characterstics. Maxx New York claimed they created the bag for the series but I also read conflicting articles that state the stylist for the show used interpretations from other bag lines.

    It is a great bag and very practical too.
  3. Just to jump in- I remember reading a few months ago that the bag Brenda carries is something that was specifically made for the show and not something you can buy in a store. I know they said they were getting all kinds of requests from people wanting to know who made the bag- so I guess thats why they partnered w/ QVC to sell one.
  4. I'm not crazy about Maxx New York doing the interpretation of this bag. I do not like how they constructed the shoulder straps. Brenda's bag had non-structured shoulder straps. I used to work for QVC while I was in pharmacy school, and I have seen their bags come in packaged from China. If you could see what these bags looked like upon arrival to the warehouse, you would think twice about ordering anything from that line. Also, the returns for Maxx bags are quite high (broken handles, non-functioning zippers, poor stitching, funky smells).

    I was hoping that TNT, the stylist of The Closer and a well known company like Furla would do an interpretation. Oh, well. I am quite happy with the way the Wilson Leather bag looks and I am quite sure it will be a fantastic bag to carry and pretend you are Brenda!
  5. The Brenda Johnson bag is available from Maxxbags on QVC. In leather and non-leather. Looks just like hers. At the QVC website, place "Brenda Johnson Handbag" in the search line for the non-leather and "Brenda Johnson leather handbag" for the leather!
  6. You can never have too much love -- or too many handbags! :cloud9:
  7. We have a very similar bag at Kohl's. It is not leather but nice and roomy. Comes in black or brown. Relic Glazed Tote
  8. As previously mentioned the purse is at and the item #12637491 style# 09C0535P It is called the Grab and Go Tote, and it is going for $59.99.

    From all the reviews I read on QVC regarding the Closer tote and how it was breaking and things of that nature, I was glad to purchase this one. It is almost identical and I am excited about getting it in. I have been looking for something similar for a long time!!

    By the way...I did contact QVC regarding the tote and asked them when the planned on putting back on the market and was told that they are NOT planning on it. Just and FYI!

    Good Luck Ladies and Hope you enjoy this purse too!

    Oh and THANK YOU to whomever did post the listing for Wilson Leather, it was an AWESOME idea!!!!
  9. Thanks for that post! That is a really nice bag! Great idea!