Anyone familiar with Emma Fox handbags?

  1. I recently purchased my first Emma Fox bag today. I have been obsessing over the Patricia Nash Spring line. I found the PN bag not too far away from the Emma Fox. I instantly fell in love with the EF bag. It is beautiful and well made.
    I usually go with Michael Kors, Brahmin, Kenneth Cole, Vince Camuto, etc.
  2. thanks for the information. I saw one while vacationing in Fla, @ Beales and loved it.
    Theprice as under l00.00 --I wanted something that didn't shout out "look I have a Coach Bag"
  3. I accidently came across an Emma Fox at Nordstroms Rack last night and I have to say it is really a pretty bag. The bag I purchased is Eggshell color with the most adorable print on the inside, shoulder straps, and gold hardware. Unfortunately, I just noticed here at work (under flouresent lights) that it appeared to have a faint sign of blue color transfer on one side. I am really torn between returning it or since it is so faint, treating it with a leather protector spray and hoping that it will not soak up any more color in the future. All my jeans are faded but I understand that even still white bags can draw color. As for quality, although there are a few spots where the stitching is a bit loose, overall the bag appears to be made very well and leather is really soft and beautiful like Calfskin. I will look for her bags in the future, only in a darker color!
    emma fox bag.jpg
  4. I just bought an ALL LEATHER Emma Fox handbag at Marshall's for $159. my problem is, that it's a sand/golden color and I'm already starting to regret my purchase. How am I going to keep this bag clean from just the grime or even the lotion that's on your hands or where you set your purse and when it rains??!? The leather feels kid skin!!! But I'm very afraid I am not going to keep this looking nice for very long:sad: Any suggestions on how to keep this clean? I'm afraid that if I spray a weather guard on it, that it will change the color of the handbag. Has anyone bought a purse like this and been able to keep it clean for very long???
  5. I just noticed the picture from #18 posting on the Emma Fox white handbag with blue stains from blue jeans... I have that exact purse but it's in the sand golden color that I mentioned and the little accent straps are black. My new concerned, as of that posting, is...will MY bag absorb colors too??? YIKES!! Should I return it since all the tags are still on it??? Yes, it's a FABULOUS looking bag but for how? If it looks dingy after only a years wear, WOW I I'm not sure it's worth $159! Uggggh! I need some words of wisdom.
  6. Hi everyone, I am new here however I just wanted to comment on the quality of Emma Fox bags. I LOVE them. I have bought two at TJ Maxx (and I have one I got second hand), I have used two of them for well over a year and love them. They stand up to daily use. I was lucky enough to find a Fossil wallet with the same pattern on the outside as the Emma Fox bags. I live in Colorado and the only place I have found Emma Fox is TJ Maxx, I will have to look at Nordstrom Rack though....Thank you for that information. I wish these were more easily found!
  7. Hey, guys! I'm a new fan of Emma Fox as well. I've recently purchased two bags from TJMaxx for about $140. I love the soft, expensive-looking leather, beautiful goldtone hardware, and whimsical lining.
  8. I haven't heard of this brand but they look lovely! (Hello by the way! This is my first post!)
  9. I purchased one but it's blue in color and am debating as to whether I should keep it or not..It's the first time I saw that brand..
  10. I found my Emma Fox at T.J. Max. I had never heard of her before but thought I would give it a try. I needed an orange bag and found a really cute orange and tan purse for $129.00. At first I was a little leary because I usually buy Brahmin or Coach but this purse is fantastic! Very nice soft leather and very well made! I would definately but another! :biggrin:
  11. I just gone on at TJ Maxx on Thursday. Came here to see if anyone has ever heard of them before.

    I love mine! Carried it to Church this morning.



  12. Here's a photo of a few of my Emma Fox bags. I've been wearing them on and off for the past 6 months. I receive numerous compliments on them every time I wear them. Plus, the quality is very good. I highly recommend them!
    emma fox in orange.jpg emma fox in green.jpg emma fox in green 2.jpg
  13. Annnnd....I bought another red one today from TJMaxx. I now have 3 of the foldover style totes. I need to stop.
    red emma fox.jpg
  14. Love my Emma Fox with the kiss lock closure. It's navy blue with super soft leather.
  15. Macys has added Emma Fox to their handbag collections. I wonder how this will impact the exclusivity of her style. Also, the price is pretty high in Macys. I'm better off making future purchases in TJMaxx or Marshalls, etc, or where ever I can find them.

    BTW - I got my EF bag in a beautiful blue color. The color is what really sold me on the bag, as I never heard of the designer before and the lining was a plus b/c I didn't discover how beautiful it was until after I made the purchase. :graucho:
    EM Bag.jpg