Anyone doing a Juicy Christmas tree this year?


Apr 11, 2008
I just saw this thread...I saw the coolest tree...Its 8 ft. tall,pink and ALL ornaments are the JC glass Christmas ornaments and the tree its self was actually designed by JC ... it was an actual display tree in Saks(or Nordstrom,a high end store,I cant remember exactly which store she said she got it)...and she was able to get the tree, ornaments and all,after the season was over!!!I saved a few pics of it,if I can find them anywhere I will gladly post them!The tree is the same color that most of the JC gift boxes are(that light pink color)And the ornaments were amazing....I have a few sets&some single JC ornaments Ive picked up here and there over the years...just to give you an idea of how much money it would cost just to decorate an 8 ft. tree with only JC of my ornaments is approx. 4.5 in. long and was around 45.00..also one of my set of 6(ea.ornament is approx. 3.5in.)originally cost around 165.00!!!She got the tree and over like 200 ornaments for next to nothing!!!!All the ornaments even had their original boxes(the tree shipped to the store by its self and the ornaments( in their individual cute pink JC boxes) were shipped in several boxes,seperate from the tree to avoid breaking the ornaments)She was soooooo lucky!!
Yes, i realize this is a year plus later... but did u ever post a picture of the tree? I have NEVER been IN a JC store, NOR have i ever noticed them in ANY store... bloomies, macys... pretty sure I've stepped into those stores once or twice in my advanced years... 8-)