Amazing Dillard's Find...Instant Reveal!

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  1. That is insane!!!! Love the ocelot! Is the extra 40 off only for Dillard's card holders?
  2. Thank you everyone, I have already changed into the mini ocelot bag.
  3. Hi Younglove,

    2/26 was for Dillard's card holders (they get the privilege of shopping a day earlier)
    Starting today 2/27 anyone can shop at Dillard's and receive the extra 40% off.
  4. you are very lucky ! i went to dillards also just to find out , their clearance handbags are wipe out lol .
    I scored 3 pajamas for $12 , i guess its pretty good deal .
  5. Great Deal !!!
  6. Cute bags and great prices!
  7. +1
  8. Great finds :smile:) congrats
  9. Yep Dillards sales RULE!!! Always hit the new years day sale too...our local store has a city COP at the handbag counter but I still shop ELBOWS OUT!!! LOL

    Love em' both! Great deals!!!!