Alexander Wang Deals and Steals! NO CHATTER

  1. ^^If anybody considers purchasing that bag please pm me. I am not the seller.
  2. has 25% off 6th - 8th with code "ACCSPRING11"

    They still have an Ash Brenda, Black Trudy, and some Kirsten's.
  3. I got the email for the private sale that starts today, but the way they have the link set up my work computer has blocked it. Grr! So annoying. It must be the email service they are using.

    Anyone else get in? I'm trying to access it on my phone but it is ridiculously slow.
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    AW bags at Beyond the Rack today! Eugene, Lia, Rocco, Darcy, Diego, Alpha, and Kirsten! Discounts aren't that much (only around $100 off per bag), but they have Rocco in black with gold hardware!
  5. 30% off Donna, two bucket bags, and the Darcy AW bags at Elyse Walker
  6. Two AW bags from INA NYC:

    looks like a Brenda mix? $550

    GORGEOUS Daphne - $675
  7. At Nemian Marcus on micigan ave in chicago they had quite a few of the new AW's in a variety of colors and hidden behind the new styles they had a few roccos. One was black with the brass studs! [​IMG] they had I wanna say a mustard colored rocco but I don't recall the hardware and a luggage diego and a black diego