REVEAL....Nude Rockstud and Rockstud!!!

u580729 Posted By u580729 Posted Sep 29, 2013

  1. I love love!!! The shoes are so comfortable. I am an official Rockstud

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  2. Picture perfect!!!
  3. Thanks Hun!
  4. Just lovely! What a nice classic pair!!!
  5. So sexy!
  6. Both look fantastic!!! Enjoy them!

    E x
  7. :tup::tup::tup:
    Very elegant!
    Simply beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Beautiful
  10. Beautiful peices
  11. Beautiful heels and bag!
  12. What a couple! Love both, congrats!
  13. thanks much!!
  14. Thanks Sweets!
  15. beautiful pair & lovely bag , Congrats
    me too addicted to rockstud :loveeyes: