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Pretty Little Liars *NO BOOK SPOILERS*

PurseXaXholic Posted By PurseXaXholic Posted May 16, 2010

  1. I think that Melissa might have been faking the whole pregnancy.
  2. ^^ I thought that too.
  3. I also think Melissa was faking her pregnancy in hopes it would keep her safe.
  4. I think Melissa went away to have the baby, i think that the baby is now being kept safe somewhere until all of this blows over.
    I don't suspect Caleb of anything, i truly believe that he genuinely cares for Hannah.
    I don't think that Ella and Ezra were flirting at all, they were holding a friendly conversation, good for them when they both have Aria in common.
    Jenna is so weird, there is NO WAY that she is innocent in all of this, but what is her involvement? I still can't work it out.
  5. Agreed about Ella, Ezra, and Jenna. Caleb too. He's been behaving a little oddly, but I don't think he has anything to do with A.
  6. I just read on wetpaint that the ratings are down for pll this season. Lots of people must've been bummed about Mona being the first A. There are still a lot of questions after today's episode.
  7. WOA!!!

    Thats how I feel after watching last nights episode!!

    So Is Wren another A?
    -obviously whoever A is has access to everything, So Shim doesnt need a pass to Radley, however the suspicion is mounting. Last week A had a body bag, Wren Also has access to the morgue.

    Is Ezra another A?
    -They are trying to make it obvious A has a vodka obsession, so who does that fit? Ezra? it seems like I remeber him enjoying vodka.
    - Is that why "A" was reading the book before the plane? I cant remeber the book title, but possibly it has signifigance as well?

    Did A leave a $50 because he just collected $50k from Jason?

    Is A flying out of CA, after causing Calebs moms wreck?

    I think Mellissa is still lying, She really should have went into law, she is very convincing.

  8. Im sure ratings are down as it is summer time, hopefully they take that into consideration.
  9. Just watched epi 4, my thoughts:
    Melissa did have the baby, it is being kept at the familys lakehouse, likely being looked after by her father, i did not believe her story of losing the baby and being blackmailed into dressing as the black swan, it seems like her mother is also in on the lie with her...
    I feel bad for Caleb, and Hannah has done this to herself, he has proved that he is trustworthy so why she continues to lie to him is baffling, i do not blame him one bit for walking away.
    Holly marie combs is so damn pretty, and i think she is a sweet mum to Aria.
  10. I don't think the baby is at the lakehouse, as the girls were there the night Allisons remains were dug up. Plus Mr. Hastings isn't the nanny type LOL.
  11. What I am unsure about is what would Wren and Ezra's motives be for them to be A? I mean whoever A is has huge bone to pick with the liars. Mellissa is an obvious choice because Spencer ruined a couple of her relationships. I wonder if any previous episodes we notice Ezra enjoying vodka? Well this A character is definitely twisted, I feel like the mastermind is maybe Ali or someone really freakin smart!
  12. I wonder where they're gonna go with the emily/maya's cousin storyline.
  13. ^^^ I do too, and is Holden coming back?
  14. Yes but maybe the baby was in Philly or somewhere up until the point that Melissa has returned home and now the baby has been transferred there. I feel like there is going to be something about the baby that they want to hide, maybe it is infact Jason's kid and with the blood line being too close the baby has problems...?
  15. I agree the baby truth isn't out yet, however I feel like a story in that direction would far overshadow the actual storyline, and detour fans interest.