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MonMono reveal! Holiday/Birthday gift to self

klatte Posted By klatte Posted Dec 19, 2013

  1. This Is way quicker than expected! SA told me it's gonna be end of January 2014 but it arrived just over 3 weeks! :biggrin: just in time for Christmas and my birthday soon after!

    Quick reveal, who is here?
  2. I am here. ;)
  3. Here!
  4. Any guess? :smile:
  5. Let's see!
  6. Ok 3...2...1.....
  7. I am hoping the orange will works well when the leather starts patina :smile: plus bright pop of colour!
  8. Congrats and Happy Birthday
    I love the pop of orange against the blue … nice choice:smile:
  9. That blue lining is gorgeous!
  10. great color combo -- congrats!
  11. How exciting to get your mon mono a month ahead of schedule!! Congrats
  12. That blue lining is excellent! You have confirmed my favorite two colors work well together. Congrats it's such a beautiful piece.