Lynn Yeager's Goyard GM customized with her Portrait!

excentric920 Posted By excentric920 Posted Jan 30, 2011

  1. I've been lurking on the Goyard Forum for awhile now and am EXTREMELY surprised that there isn't any thread dedicated to Lynn Yaeger's fabulously customized Goyard GM! I'll let the pics speak for themselves. What do you all think??
    personally I think she had the best Goyard and style in the world, would love o get a portrait on mine whenever I can afford one that is haha

    Plz add anymore pics that you come across of this amazing women with her amazing handbag!







  2. Love it! It works b/c she has such a unique look...
  3. So unique!!!I have seen these pics before somewhere here
    in the goyard forum.
  4. Wow! I've never seen that before!
  5. Wow! That would be awesome!!

    Do you happen to know if Goyard did it for her, or she had it customized elsewhere?
  6. I have seen this before but thanks for posting.

    I think she had this done by a private artist and not Goyard, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Yup, yup she tried to get Goyard to do it but they wouldn't so she had a friend customize it for her.
  8. I must admit I had to Google her :shame: When you have the confidence to rock such a unique look, I think you've earned the right to put your own portrait on your bag. I love it!
  9. leave it to Lynn and Goyard to come up with this winner!!! Lotsa fun..
  10. :tup:
  11. that's quirky
  12. I've seen this before and loved it...
  13. wow! that is amazing!