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Colourful Instant Flats Reveal :)

bambistyle Posted By bambistyle Posted May 4, 2012

  1. Hey everyone!!! My mom and I recently got the colour fever and decided to purchase some of the more bright coloured Tory Burch Flats for the spring! :smile: We have the same size feet so we share majority of our shoes :biggrin:


    Orange Patent Aaden Ballet Flats


    Yellow Tumbled Patent Leather Reva Ballet Flats


    Hot Pink Clines Ballet Flats


    Rainbow Family Shot :biggrin:

  2. Cute! Esp the pink ones! So lucky, wish my mom and I wore the same size
  3. Gorgeous!! I love all of the colors - those pink ones are adorable!!
  4. Yummy colors!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing. ü ❤

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  5. Thanks for the pics. Love the bright colors...fits right in with the "color-blocking" trend.
  6. So summerry color...
    I like it!
  7. Love every pair!! Are they more comfortable than the classic revas?
  8. thank you everyone!!! :smile:

    @ Dayna0808 I find the pink pair the most comfortable since there is extra cushioning on the bottom of the sole :smile: i don't have a pair of classic revas (as these are my first pair of TB flats!) but in comparison to the orange pair (there's no padding at all & thin leather sole) the yellow pair is more comfortable (since there is a soft rubber sole). :biggrin: hope that helps!
  9. omg I need those colour shoes in my life! Great summer purchases :smile:
  10. I love all three colors but that pink just POPS. Lovely collection.
  11. so cute I love the bright summer colors ! congrats !
  12. thank you everyone :smile:!