Zygoma revision

Apr 22, 2018
I know seeing a surgeon for a consult about zygoma revision is important but I know there’s always a financial incentive on the surgeons part. Im hoping to get sound advice/recommendation from others so that I won’t put myself in a bad situation again. Getting zygoma/jaw reduction was possibley the biggest mistake of my life and I hope I don’t waste my money and repeat the same mistake again.

I was wondering if it will make a difference to elevate my zygoma to a higher position to bring more width/volume back to my upper face. Along with some type of cheek lift. Enclosed is my ct scan to illustrate what I’m talking about. The line is wher I would like to elevate the bones—I was told I might need a bone graft from my hip to fill in the gap in order to elevate the bones back out but not certain. Any advice would be appreciated. I know I would never get my cheekbones to what t was but hoping for some improvements.


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Oct 12, 2018
Or would it be better to get custom cheek implants?
I think using material harvested from your body is always the best option but in your case I think custom cheek implants would be a better option. Have you ever consulted with Dr. Lee from TFD regarding revision? I believe he also does custom cheek implants. I feel so bad for you whenever I see your posts after such a harrowing experience & I really admire your tenacity & hope you find a solution soon.
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