Zucca Spy

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find it and how much its retailing for? I went to the Fendi store on 5th and they told me its sold out everywhere, true or false?
  2. Is this the one you are interested in divadarlinn?

    If so, it is available on Styledrops.com.:smile:
  3. yes thats it! i heard style drops carries fake merchandise though....a rumor? Also, the one on style drops is the "baulotto"...it does'nt have the flap its a zipper instead
  4. Where did you hear this? I've always thought Styledrops was legit.
  5. Styledrops is legit folks..No worries.Ive ordered from them,and all is well!
    I saw the Zucca spy recently at Bloomies in PA
  6. Yes I agree with Jill Styledrops is legit, have you tried Fendi in Vegas they had a load a few weeks ago
  7. I was in Fendi on 5th Ave a couple of weeks ago. When I got to the Spy bags, a woman was holding the zucca and brown leather Spy. I noticed it as I was asking the SA for it. She heard me and let me hold it. Mmmmm... Ooooo... Sorry, havin' flashbacks. It felt soooo soft and sooooo good in my little hands. Anywho, I heard the SA tellin' the lady that the zucca Spy was $1700-something. Sorry I can't remember exactly how much he said it was. But, I can swear he said it was seventeen-hundred and something bucks.
  8. It's $1760...I just got one 2 weeks ago..=) I ordered it from the Bellagio Fendi boutique in Vegas...not sure if they still have it though..
  9. When I was staying at the Bellagio a few weeks ago they had a few Zucca Spys
  10. I have the baulotto spy from Styledrops. The one in the photo is the regular spy...notice the flap.
  11. How do you like your Baulotto Spy? I am drooling over the Zucca/Dark Brown one and am wavering on whether to get it or not. What's your favorite thing about it?
  12. I think the leather on the Styledrop bags looks a bit funny but maybe its just the photos!
  13. It doesn't look as bubbly, does it? Maybe it's an earlier edition Spy. I think the earlier ones weren't as bubbly. I prefer the bubbly leather myself.
  14. I think it's the photos itself. Some of the B. bags look "off" too, but I think it was the light and the way they took the pics.