Zucca Spy Question, please

  1. I've been reading the buzz about the Zucca/Nappa Spy with the tortuga handles. Seems a few have bought theirs from Joma. Is there a version with black leather? It looks like all the pics have a medium brown leather. Am I seeing things?:confused1:
  2. I am pretty sure there is no version with black leather, just dark brown (chocolate). Are you considering?
  3. Beware of kneehighz ... She is what we call an 'enabler' or otherwise known as a 'crack dealer' around here. She will get you hooked! :roflmfao:

    If you mean that the leather looks black on the Joma site, yeah Joma doesn't take good photos unfortunately. The colour isn't represented well. But yes it is meant to be a dark brown.
  4. kneehighz - Thanks. Yes, considering. I saw it at Nordies on Friday and love it. But the Joma price is amazing! They are out of stock, but I sent an email.

    kavnadoo - Oh, I am fully aware of kneehighz enabling ways, LOL.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. lies..LIES! Pay not attention to the member named Kavnadoo..:amazed:

    Anyway, I had seen an ad that I used to drool over where this bag looked like it had black leather, whatever the color I knew I wanted the exact bag in the ad. Here's what I'm talking about..:sneaky: as well as the bag I got from Joma.........:biggrin:
    fendimodel0ua.jpg zucca 019.jpg
  6. See... she starts off with photos... :amuse: Before you know it that hook will be so far down your throat that you will have to leave it there and go wherever it pulls! :graucho:

  7. OMG!!!! I :heart: this bag!!!!! :nuts:
  8. Hi I have this bag...is really cute...I am more used to structured bags like LV's but this one is a nice change. I just wish it had pockets inside. The color does look dark in pictures but is not black...is dark brown.
  9. I want one so bad! I just bought a new LV, so it will be a while. I will have one though! I love it!
  10. What are kneehighz enabling ways? I'm new:confused1:
  11. That would be an awkward question for me to answer!:nuts: Well I might perhaps umm...encourage your unconscious to feel the need to acquire certain possessions that may be known by some as Fendi. All with your well-being in mind of course, I have found the joy in hand bags and would like to share it, as long as it doesn't break the bank.