zucca spy owners help me~!!

  1. I just got the zucca spy and I have a question about the inside of the bag...

    Is it supposed to be beige? or is it supposed to have the zucca logos?

    I'm totally confused because my friend's zucca spy has the fendi zucca logo print fabric on the inside, but mine's just beige fabric...And I know she wouldn't buy knock-offs...

    what does the inside of your zucca spy look like???
  2. I was contemplating the Zucca Spy at Bloomies a couple of weeks ago and I was disappointed to see that instead of having a Zucca fabric interior like the leather Spy bags it had a beige interior.
  3. I have two SPYs....one is baby spy w/ Zucca and chocolate brown leather...ther other one's Cognac regular spy....

    The baby Zucca and brown leather spy has beige interior......and the Cognac spy has Zucca interior....both purchased at South Coast Plaza Fendi Boutique....

    it's weird that your friend has a zucca spy w/ zucca interior.....if her is not a knock off, maybe Fendi made two different versions?

    Are both of yours exactly the same? Maybe one is all Zucca, and one is Zucca and leather?

    I thought the beige interior was simple and nice though....
  4. Sunnytee, zucca spies DO come with beige lining(on the inside) NOT zucca logos :yes: So unfortunately your friend's zucca spy must be a fake. She probably doesn't know it's a fake :shrugs: Hope this helps
  5. ohmigod...thank you soooo much~!!!
    you guys are the best!!!

    I was so worried that mine might be fake even though i ordered it from a fendi boutique~

    Aww I wish it had the zucca lining...but oh well...

    Thank you for your help~!!!
  6. Yup, just confirming what olg4 said. Authentic zucca/leather spies have a beige linen lining.
  7. That's correct. I have a Zucca Spy and the lining is Beige.
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