Zucca spy Handles - Whats true

  1. Hi Could someone tell me if the Zucca spy handles are made of tortoise shell or are they painted leather. If its tortoise shell is it real tortosie shell. Never held one of these so do not know. Thanks
  2. No, it's not authentic tortoiseshell. That's why Fendi calls it "tortuga."
    It's leather embossed to look like tortoiseshell.
  3. Brilliant, thanks Greendrv
  4. Saich2, LOL, I thought the same thing! From photos of the bag and the whole tortoise shell thing, I thought the handles were hard. I went to the Fendi boutique last week to check the bag out. They are almost buttery soft! The SA there explained to me what Greendrv said, that the handles are actually leather.
  5. I know sometimes I feel really thick asking these questions, know about the leather ones but have never held a Zucca only seen in in shop window so had know idea plus they look very real
  7. No the girls are the most brilliant on here, it just me feeling thick. It seems such a silly question, but when you have not held one you do not know. I did think it was a bit weird that it would be real tortoise shell I thought they was protected (well they are in England)