Zucca Shape Question

  1. I am really picky about the shape of the bags I use and how you get into them (so it's really amazing I've already found so many toki bags I really like).

    I liked the shape of the Gioco in pictures but when I saw it in real life I didn't care for it at because the zipper is way smaller than the opening (does that make sense?). If the bag has more than a few things in it, you' be fishing thru a small opening in a BIG bag.

    I've only see the Zucca in pictures and like what I see BUT it looks like the same thing.. that the body of the bag is way bigger than the opening. Is that true? I know I'd really be disappointed if I ordered one and the opening was as narrow as I think it appears in pictures.
  2. I have the Gioco and the zipper is bigger than the bag, the bag opens up really wide. When you carry it, the bag kind of folds into itself and get's smaller, and when you want to unzip it, it's easiest to place the bag down on something, then unzip it....but it really does open up quite wide.

    The Zucca bag is a bit larger on the bottom, but the zippered top is as wide as the bag is on the top, I think it has a nice sized opening. I tried this bag on and loved the shape.

    HTH :yes:
  3. Yup that is exactly what I don't want. I know that bags that are shaped wider at the bottom than the top are always popular but I cant' stand them!

    Even the Gioco, because there is so much bag underneath and on either side of the zipper, bugged me. Same with the Luna. I love the shape of the BV because it is actually wider at the top than the bottom.
  4. Hey, at least you know for sure what bag shapes work for you and which don't :yes:
  5. Oh yeah. I have a Zucca, and while I like it, it does bug me that the bottom is sooooo wide compared to the top. It makes it hard to find stuff.
  6. Yes I do know what I (don't) like..the problem is not being able to see all the bag styes in person!!!
  7. If you can't see them in person, place an order from an online store that accepts returns. If I were you, I'd order a few bags and then keep the one that I liked the best...esp. if you have an idea of what you like. :graucho:
  8. I wanted a zucca too but I saw a picture of the bag and I'm not sure I want that style anymore. I also thought about gioco but around this forum many of you girl's are saying it's hard to work with so I might pass up on that too. Those are really the only 2 styles I like besides scuola and I don't want another one of those so I might not even get an amore print bag. :crybaby: But it's sooo cute so I might just get a zucca anyways b/c I really don't like the way a gioco is shaped.
  9. i love my zucca!!! The opening is smaller than the bottom of the bag, but not drastically by alot. It is just as hard to find stuff at the bottom of my bag as when I use my mamma mia. SO its no big difference
  10. ZUCCA....ZUCCA....ZUCCA! :dothewave:
  11. hahaha...look at Jen! shes the zucca master!
  12. I say get the zucca first then when the other bags go on sale, snag them too! Then you have them all!
  13. Ooh, I'm with you!! Get everything!! :graucho:

    Vmasterz...you are so funny...always cracking me up!
  14. :biggrin: hehe im the crack master? lol well my first toki was a gioco from eBay, so i had no clue/idea of what it would be like...i went to the store to see how it would look like but they ran out so i had nothing to compare to IRL...lo and behold i didnt like the style, when i got it...oh well love the print! :biggrin: now i prefer to check the stores for styles before ever buying it..i learned my lesson the hard way...:biggrin:
  15. Vmasterz...plus you have a ciao that you don't use!! You really crack me up!! You have all the bags but don't use them!! :lol: