Zucca print shoulder bag: OK in the rain?

  1. [​IMG]Sorry if this is a dupe :angel: ...anyone have this? I'm not sure I want to go Zucca with my first Fendi keeper (even though I have LV mono...), but the price on this, under 1k, seems worth it. Any comments on the fabric and how it holds up in bad weather? TIA!
  2. Its fabric..so it should be fine
  3. ^^ thanks, Jill! Is the fabric lined...does it soak through at all? I'm so tempted and curious.
  4. ^I haven't seen inside of this one, but my Zucca Magic bag is definitely lined, and I'd bet this one is too. Don't know about soaking through, and don't want to test it!;)

    Did you ever get the black leather B Fendi east-west? Are you considering this one in addition or instead of the black leather?
  5. before deciding on my spy, this was the first FENDI bag i was considering to get. the price is pretty good and the bag is gorgeous. i saw this in person at a fendi boutiqe here in HK and fell in love with it. if i remember correctly, it is lined. according to the SA, the fabric is sturdier compared to other canvas bags. you should go for it!
  6. Wow, you've got a great memory! Oh, I'm being fickle... I am still :drool: over the black leather B fendi east-west, yes that's for sure. I'd get better use since it's black instead of the Zucca print. But :cursing: I can't find it on BG or NM.com anymore! Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

    I guess I'm leaning toward the Zucca now because it would be really different and the price is great. And reading about how the canvas is lined may just convince me to fork out the cash. :graucho:

  7. OK...I've ordered this beauty with my $250 NM gift card for being part of a focus group earlier this month. I just can't get this bag out of my mind so I hope she is a keeper. I love the zucca and hope it's a good new but funky neutral for my F/W wardrobe. I'll post pix when she arrives :wlae: