Zucca/Nappa spy ??s

  1. What do you think of the classic zucca and nappa spy? I'm starting to really love it. Does it come in brown nappa and black nappa, or just brown? Any idea if the leather blushes?

    I'm looking at the one on jomashop... should I get it? Opinions? (purse-suasion?:p)

    My other spies are a corded brown, a black patent, and a blue denim. I have the bronze fortuny/hologram on its way to me. So, the zucca nappa one would be a nice departure from my other bags.
  2. K- seems like in the back of my mind it may have come out in cognac as well as chocolate nappa leather, but harder to find.

    I think you will like this spy it is awesome to dress up or down with & terrific with jeans. Its one of my current favs in my collection & frequently carried (along with Zucca Zucca).
  3. It does seem immensely wear-able!

    The one on joma appears to be black, but I guess that it must be chocolate. Any idea if the chocolate blushes? Has yours?
  4. K - actually I am not the one to ask about that....cause I love it when chocolate spys get a slightly distressed look...:heart:

    The newer bags are more resistent to blushing & have a good coating...but I actually like the older bags with a little character & weathering. Like this one:

  5. The bags on Jomashop are not accurately presented (colour wise) but as you would already know their prices are geat. From memory this particular spy is under 1.1k. You should have a look at the
    UPDATED Fendi Spy Bag List

    There are some good photos in there. The pic baglady posted is spot on with the colour. I think they call it tobacco? A realy really dark brown.

    It's a great casual bag I think you should go for it. It's not one that I personally like (I like the plain nappas) but I have seen it on others and it is definitely a great bag that you can dress up or down.
  6. Holy cow, baglady, your bag is STUNNING!

    I too like the blushing and that's why I was asking if the dark brown blushes. I think it looks really cool.

    Thanks all for your helpful answers! I'm going to drool over baglady's pic a little while longer and then decide!:p
  7. I'm eyeing the denim squirrel and zucca/nappa on joma as well, only recently found out it was a reputable shop:yahoo:. I WANT BOTH! MUHAHAH!:heart: