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  1. I'm trying to figure out which bag style I should save up for a buy next. I've seen so much zucca love here, and I want to know exactly why the zucca is so great. What is it exactly that you love about it? What don't you like about it? I'm not much of a big-bag person myself, but the zucca looks appealing to me. Help me out! Thanks! :yahoo:
  2. I have one that I think I"m going to sell. I like the size & the way it hangs, but the leather & metal square strap parts on the back tend to hit my jeans and catch, and its annoying. If they didn't have that stuff on the back I'd buy another
  3. Mm, that does sound like it must stink =/ What print is yours in?
  4. my problem is that the metal hardware always seems to hit right where there are either rivets or buttons on my pants so it makes a clickey clackey sound when i walk.

    the zucca is amazing for a variety of reasons, namely that it really holds a ton of stuff and it looks cute doing it. the drop in the handles is fabulous and the bag is just good looking all around.
  5. Maybe you got a porrly constructed Zucca? I have no issues with mine catching on anything.

    I love my Zucca because it's a cute shape that stays in shape no matter what you put in it. It's not baggy or saggy like a BV.

    The lining does not float and catch in the zipper like it does in the Gioco and Bambinone.

    It's big enough that you get a lot of the print but it doens't look like a flat expanse of fabric.

    It's super easy to carry, the straps are long enough to go over the shoulder (and stay there), but not so long that it's awkward.
  6. It doesn't lose it's shape when it's filled with stuff? From pictures I've seen it doesn't seem like a big bag (although I know it is) which could be a plus, too, to carry around a bag that can hold what you want but not seem overly large.
  7. I love my Zuccas because carry A LOT of crap. I can carry so much in them and they still look super cute, like they don't look like overstuffed bags. I just love the size and the shape, it's so versatile! I also like the way the straps are on the front with the zipper and stuff, I think it makes it look edgier or something of the sort because of how much metal hardwares it has on it. I'm 5'6 and it's the perfect size on my body.
  8. I loooooooove my Spiaggia zucca!! The shape is super cute, I love the straps and hardware, I love big bags so I love that the bag holds it's shape even with all the crap I put in it.

    I love it.
  9. I haven't really used it yet because I'm waiting to take it out when I move again. But from what I've felt just holding it around the house it feels nice and the straps stay on better than the gioco. It is a VERY nice looking tote-like bag. A better looking, classier, more sophisticated alternative for totes.
  10. it looks awesome, holds it shape, holds sooooo much things without looking super bulky. its just an awesome bag in general and the front zippered pocket is extremely convenient =) plus it showcases soooo much of the print! pricier bag but i say worth it over a buon viaggio
  11. i love zucca! holds a ton and yet retain its shape well..
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