Zucca/Leather Spy w/ woven handles

  1. I was in the mall yesterday and saw 2 different girls with Zucca/Leather spys with woven handles, not that other smooth lighter brown handle that's on the forum and in boutiques (saw one of 'em in Bloomies, might buy it, it's crazy gorgeous).

    Anyways, is this one with the woven handles authentic? Did they ever make them with those handles, in the past or newer? the leather was either a deep brown or black, don't fully recall but both bags were the exact same. I just hadn't seen them like that before and was wondering if they might have been convincing fakes, or just another authentic style variation of the zucca/leather spy. :confused1: I'm super curious, hehe.
  2. donno... but mine's a tortuga.. weird.
  3. They are fake bags
  4. Yes, I agree, the zuccas with the braided handles are fake. The zucca should have tortuga handles.:yes:
  5. Here ya go Gayle, if the zuccas you saw had the spy flaps and woven handles, they're fakes. Only the smaller, "baulotto" zucca spys have the woven handles. (The girls here taught me that:yes:.)

    Here's the real deal zucca spy...
    Fendi handbags

    Here's the real deal zucca baulotto spy
    Fendi handbags...
  6. Oh you guys rock..I had a feeling they were fakes (good looking ones, but the handles are what got me.) I wanted to be sure though before I definately decided on sneering and letting you know what I heard one say. lol... NOW, I can tell you what I heard.

    One girl just walked by with her friends like normal.

    The other was stopped talking to a guy and a girl, a couple. I think they ran into each other cause it looked like they had saw each other stopped in the middle and chatted. So I walked by them and there was one of those small carts of candles, moon/star stuff, bath salts, one of those spiritual thingies. So, I saw the bag and stopped by this cart to secret agently check out the spy cause the handles peeked my interests. I've only known it to be the smooth handles so I disected it, looked really normal from the rest of it - couldn't see leather quality so good cause I was a decent distance. They are talking and the girl remarks on her bag. "And that's a cute Fendi !" she said. The fake Fendi owner goes, "Yah, I got it at Saks last week". With a snotty/more-so braggy tone in her voice to boot. :wtf:

    Now I can laugh at it.
  7. Woooooo-whooooooooooooo!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Now THAT'S a HOOT! The kicker is that she said it snotti-bragadociously! I didn't know Saks sold fakes! Maybe she was referring to SACKS as in her local Sack-A-Bargain Store or somethin'.
  8. "SACKS"


    if i had a fake, i would just straight out say THIS IS A FAKE.