Zucca in Toronto

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone seen any Zuccas in Toronto? I have a Pirata BV right now and I'm contemplating between keeping the BV or getting a Zucca. I have never seen a Zucca IRL and would really like to see one before deciding on whether or not to keep the BV. (I think I have about a week to decide on the BV.)

    And for those who have both the BV and the Zucca, which do you like more? Why?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help :yes:
  2. I have two BVs and five Zuccas. Guess which one I like best? The BV was one of the first bags I bought. I thought I'd like it a lot. But I don't and the only reason I bought a second was because I got a killer deal. Now that I own Zuccas I'd rather pay retail for a Zucca than sale price for a BV.


    The BV looks like an ordinary tote bag (except for the cool print) that you can get for free all kinds of places. It's floppy and shapeless when you set it down. And the straps won't stay on my shoulders.

    The Zucca has a cute, unique shape and is structured so it keeps its shape. It stands up on it's own when you set it down. The straps stay on my shoulders.

    As far as the bigger bags go, I actually prefer the Gioco over the BV... but of course I still like the Zucca the best!!

    Hope that helps!
  3. Wow, the Zucca sounds a lot nicer than the BV! I really do need to see one IRL now! :nuts:

    I've been doing some searching in the forum and it looks like Bonny's (@ Manulife Centre) and Taschen (@ Yorkville) should have some Tokidoki. Is there anywhere else where I would probably be able to finda a Zucca?
  4. I used to have 2 BV's and I sold those to get Zuccas in the same prints. I have 9 zuccas in all now, so I am little biased towards Zuccas. They are just a great "everyday" bag.
  5. Yes, Bonny has some Zuccas (the most that I've seen so far), and Taschen at King and Yonge has bigger selection than Yorkville. But the King/Yonge location had a sale not long ago, so the goodies may not exist anymore.