Zucca--best bag ever?

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  1. I just received my first Zucca today (Amore! From Unique Threads...they are terrific!) and I LOVE IT. I think I found my new favorite bag, I know now that I need Spiagia in at least a Zucca...I may not get other styles again x_X I already have 3 Mamma Mias, but now...Zucca totally wins! I have my iPod, DS, Sunglasses + Hard Case, wallet, camera, coin purse, etc things and it still looks thin! It's like magic! I don't feel the need to backtrack and get a Zucca in Foresta, Paradiso, Inferno and Pirata though...because I also have a Citta Zucca on the way and I think I have enough of the other bags! Although I miiiiight need to take a look at Metropark today...at their Pirata ones xD Because I don't use my Pirata Stellina much...maybe I will like the Zucca better???
  2. argh i can't wait for my zucca :wtf: you just make me want it more!
    i love it when you stuff a bag and it still looks... un-stuffed. :rolleyes:

    pictures? :drool:
  3. I love it too...it's so wonderful :crybaby:

    I am waiting on my Citta Zucca and Cammo Playground Olive Mamma Mia and Denero to take pictures. I want a group photo of all my bags and tokidoki other stuff XD.
  4. I don't have a Zucca, so I wouldn't know :hysteric: It looks pretty though, it really makes me want one !! GRR.
  5. If you don't have one get one! It's such a perfect bag. It doesn't look too huge, it fits everything....LOVEEEEEE it xD;
  6. hahah no money right now, plus I'm saving up for a new car...so gotta keep my money on lockdown. I need to wait for the Spiaggio (sp?) for my next...maybe I'll try get that in Zucca.
  7. I think the Zucca is my favorite tokidoki bag... and my favorite purse... but I have to admit my all time favorite bag is a Lexie Barnes Superstar. So many pockets... I love pockets.....

  8. zucca for the win!

  9. that's why I love kipling so much, i started buying them when i was 15 and i have like 25 by now, i don't really use the old ones but i still keep them in my closet. :heart:

    they have a compartment for anything and everything, for a cellphone, for a pen, it's such a joy to use them. :yes:
  10. Tammie congrats on your zucca!! I'm glad you were able to get one!! Where is your citta zucca coming from, eBay? :shrugs:
  11. Thanks! I am going to post pictures of it in a second :biggrin:

    My Citta Zucca is coming from LeSportSac! I called them a week+ ago and they said they may be able to order one--and they could! Apparently, because they charged me...she said they would call me if they couldn't get one.
  12. hey you got the moumou bottle family =]

    do you have bastardino and polpetting somewhere?
  13. It sure is cute!! Thanks for the pic! :wlae:
  14. I have Bastardino and Polpettina like 4 times on the bottom and like...5 or so times cut off around the bag xD;;