Zucca bag in Foresta print ?

  1. Hi

    I wondered if you could help me please. I am based in Dubai and am trying to find the Tokidoki "Zucca" bag in the "Foresta" print. Does anyone know where I can buy one online or over the phone?

    Many thanks! :nuts:

  2. At this point, I think you'd just have to stalk e-bay or LJ or something. There aren't any stores that have the Foresta zucca anymore. They're a rare find nowadays.
  3. I think that's one of the hardest toki bags to find now... :sad: They hardly ever pop up on eBay, and if they do its probably over retail.
  4. Thank you so much for all your help. A friend of mine is desperate to find it. I had never heard of these bags before but they are so cute and quite addictive!
  5. Foresta Zuccas have bee spotted on eBay Japan and in a few Japanese stores. But it's hard to get them shipped to the US. Maybe you would have better luck getting them sent to where you are?