Zoya The Gilty Pleasures 18K Real Gold Nail Polish Topcoat Trio Gift Box

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  1. I got one and I'm going to keep the gold and use the box with other Zoya polish as a gift!
  2. It looks amazing, and it's a good price for the set! Others are over $30 for just one 18K bottle. It also looks a lot better than the SOPI one that I have. Of course Zoya doesn't ship to Canada though, so I can only hope they will have it in a store here! :sad:
  3. at first i didn't think i would spend that much im not that big on nail art but i noticed that sephora's is $30 alone and the zoya one comes with the black and white and when i read its real gold i couldn't believe it i occasionally sell gold jewelry so i know the price of gold wow
  4. FWIW, I was at Sephora yesterday and noticed the 18k polish and wasn't impressed at all, let alone the price. It's really a lot of tiny flecks of gold; I prefer the Rococo Gold polish, which is much larger gold flakes. But that's just my opinion. I admit, the Zoya set is tempting just for price/value alone!
  5. i looked up the rococo polish and wow lol now i know the zoya was a great deal
  6. Yea, the Rococo is 24k gold (vs. 18k in Zoya and $OPI) and definitely more pricey. A lovely TPFer gifted me a bottle and I've cherished it, actually afraid to use it up! So I'm debating the Zoya set. My only problem is I don't want the black and white polish, as I never will wear either. I wish Zoya had let us pick the 2 colors to go in the set!
  7. I wonder if all of the sparkles are real gold, or just some of them.
  8. thats a good question i hadn't thought of that but i hope it would be in the fine print on the website if it where true
  9. I love it but they don't ship to the UK either, £40 on eBay!! :O
  10. ouch!

    I think I'm going to order my set tomorrow.
  11. Ugh! I now feel like I need to order this! I don't like gold polish but I guess I can use for accents or something.

    I do get a pro discount and love raven (the black) for undies so I need to stop being cheap or so selective lol
  12. Ordered mine too preorder. Very excited to try!!
  13. I preordered mine last week - I don't have any "good" blacks or whites and since I love Zoya's formula, this is perfect for me. I also had some points that I cashed in for $$ off!
  14. I ordered a set even though I don't care for gold... lol