Zoya nail polish


Dec 28, 2007
UGH! this nail polish is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! i bought 3 bottles offline because I got a really good promotional deal on it. It chips SO fast. I put it on one evening before bed and I woke up and it was completely chipped off 3 of my nails. I was so mad! It chipped off in my sleep! I love nail polish and have never experienced this, even with $1 wet n wilds from walmart. I would never ever buy Zoya ever again.
Weird. It works well on me. I know the matte polishes don't stay for long though. Did you use a top and base coat? If you did and it had the chemicals that Zoya does not, it will chip and peel off in no time flat b/c the formulas aren't compatible.
i didn't use a base coat or a top coat :confused1: i don't know why it wouldn't work. I used a different zoya and it was lasted a day, which was better than the night the other one was on. that is weird though that it's so awful on me.
^^ That's a bummer! But, we're doing the nail polish swap after the first of the year, I'm sure there are some ladies that would love to take them off your hands if you don't want to keep them!
I had a few of them as a free gift when I bought something else, and I had this problem with one of the colours. I don't remember now which colour it was, but it did chip off very fast. (It was one of the darker colours)
I love my zoya nail polishes. I just placed another order for a few more! I haven't had any problems with chipping, at least not anymore than normal.
Hmmm..sorry to hear about this, MJDaisy! I absolutely love Zoya polish, it has become a big fave of mine. I tend to use it with top and base coats from other brands, and even then it works really well on me. I am interested in trying the Color Lock system, in fact.
Sorry about your experience with this nail polish. I've actually had extremely good luck with the wear on the 6 polishes I've had from them. Without any base or top coat - they often last 2 weeks (on my toes) without any problem. Perhaps you got a bad batch?
I just ordered some Zoya and it didn't dawn on me that I couldn't use my standard base coat. I have heard of Seche Vite but guess this is something I have to buy online. Are there any drugstore base coats and top coats that will work with the Zoya?