Zooey Deshanel To Play Janis Joplin !!

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  1. Zooey Deshanel to play Janis Joplin in new biopic
    Cutie Zooey Deshanel has beat Pink, Lohan, Britney Spears and Scarlet Johansson to Land the role of Janis Joplin in an upcoming movie about the singer's ill-fated life, "The Gospel According to Janis":
    ZOOEY DESCHANEL has beaten LINDSAY LOHAN, BRITNEY SPEARS and SCARLETT JOHANSSON to the coveted role of JANIS JOPLIN in the forthcoming movie biopic of the tragic singer. Pop punk PINK was originally director PENELOPE SPHEERIS' first choice to play the late rocker, but pulled out, blaming the movie's producers for turning the casting process into "some circus pop contest - who's the 'it' girl who wants to play Janis". However, ALMOST FAMOUS beauty Deschanel, 26, has signed to play Joplin in THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JANIS, which starts filming in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in November (06). PIECE OF MY HEART hitmaker Joplin died of an heroin and alcohol overdose in a Hollywood hotel room in October 1970 at the age of 27.
  2. I think she's a perfect choice!!!! plus she was so cute in Elf with Will Ferrel!! lol Those other candidates tho...alll YUCK!! I hardly think any of them could have pulled it off.
  3. great choice!:yes:
  4. I had heard Renee Zellweger was going to play Janis. Is that a different movie?

  5. Yep I agree Swanky & Danica, she is the perfect choice. :heart:
  6. I also agree. I'm looking forward to this one.
  7. If I'm not mistaken I think there were 2 different Joplin movies...but I heard that quite awhile back.
  8. She's a great choice, much better than the other candidates. I liked her in Elf, wasn't she in Failure to Launch w/ SJP and Matthew MC??? That movie was horrible, she was the only funny part of the entire movie.
  9. that's great! and she can definitely act!
  10. seems like a great choice. def. better than JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT AS AUDREY HEPBURN!! YIKESSS!!
    i'm not a fond of sienna as edie segwick too.
  11. ^ They are doing a movie about Edie?