zombiegirls small LV collection!

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  1. I posted pics of my old purses before I started collecting Vuitton bags, but now I've sold most of those & just buy LV. I just started buying LV bags in April so it's just a small start up collection so far but will be adding more on as I find great deals.


    My fave is the Mini Montsouris & the white MC Mini HL. I just got the black MC PTI wallet & I love it tons! My next pieces will probably be in the Epi line & Damier (can't decide what to get just yet...)!
  2. Lovely LV collection, I'm really liking the PTI !
  3. LOOOOOVE your PTI wallet!
  4. Lovely pieces! Thanks for showing us you collection!
  5. very nice :smile: thanks for sharing
  6. nice collection!
  7. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing
  8. love all your Lv's!!! great collection!!!
  9. love all of them! thanks for sharing :smile:
  10. Thats alot of LV bags to have since april! Lovely collection. :amuse:
  11. Cute collection! Love your LV's.
  12. very hot collection zombie, i love the patina on all your pieces.

    i heart the speedy 25
  13. thanks everyone!! I know it's a lot since April, only the Speedy 25 & Ludlow were bought at retail. The rest were deals I managed to get used on ebay (all positive experiences so far) so that's why the patina is so nice on all of them!!

    I actually dislike the new vachetta very much & prefer a nice golden color myself. But thats just me. I'm trying to tan my Speedy in the sun to get it to match everything else, LOL
  14. Wonderful!! thanks for sharing with us...
  15. hey zombiegirl - great collection!!! thanks for sharing!!!