Zombiegirls collection so far

  1. I'd like to say thank you everyone for posting their great collections here! I've really enjoyed looking at all of them ( & envious as well). While I don't have much of a "designer" collection yet, I'd like to start soon with my first LV (not sure which one I want to start with yet. It's between a Mono Speedy 25, mono pouchette or Twin Pouchette)

    Anyways, here's my humble little collection that I love & use very much. I didn't realise how much pink I had until I got them all together for the pic! LOL
  2. Very cute! Love the pink and turquoise, happy colors!:nuts:
  3. cute bags! so girly! :smile:
  4. very colorful collection!
  5. thanks for sharing!!
    such a pretty and happy collection!
  6. oo I love pink - fabulous! and your doggy is way cute too!
  7. Really cute!
  8. Very cute collection ... love all the colors!
  9. It's so colourful, very cute !
  10. Cute Collection!! Loving all the pink
  11. I love all the colours, very nice!
  12. so colorful - great collection!
  13. That is a colorful collection you have there!:nuts: I love your pink gymbag..is that the medium sized one?
  14. thanks everyone! The pink gym bag is a mini.
  15. I love the color...I'm a big fan of pink too