Zoey 101

  1. Anyone else watch kids' shows when there's nothing else on?

    It's such a cute show. It's one of those kids' shows that don't treat the viewers like idiots.

    Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established.Zoey's (Jamie Lynn Spears) little brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school is hard enough, but going away to boarding school and living on your own at age 13 can get crazy, especially when the girls are heavily outnumbered by the boys...
  2. I watch it! My daughters 9 so we watch it together. It is a really cute show, Jamie Lynn is so cute. I'll actually catch myself asking her " is there a new Zoey on tonight?"
  3. Zoey: How many of you have ever played basketball before?
    (No one raises their hand)
    Zoey: How many of you would say you're good at basketball?
    Quinn: I once made a basketball explode!
    Nicole: How?
    Quinn: Chemicals...

    Zoey: Quinn!
    Quinn: Yeah?
    Zoey: What are you doing?!
    Quinn: Monitoring your dreams... I think you might be having a nightmare.
    Zoey: I am now!

    Quinn: Before you go, can you drink this and tell me if your tongue throbes?
    Zoey: Uh, nope!

    Chase: Oh hey, there's Quinn! (points to the computer) Did she just eat a leaf?
    Zoey: Stop looking, it's wrong to spy on people!
    Chase: But that's a fake plant!
    Zoey: Chase!
    Chase: Right! We gotta get rid of that bear. Like, now!
    Zoey: Or not.
    Chase: Or not?
    Zoey: Let's say we keep the bear, and have a little fun with Logan.
    Chase: Ahh, a little payback!
    Zoey: Or a lot of payback. Follow me!
    Chase: (Quinn continues to eat plant) She's eating a plastic plant!
    (Zoey grabs Chase and drags him out of the room)

    Quinn: Did you know that elephant urine smells like licorice?
    Chase: Wh-- OH MY GOD!
    Quinn: Want to see my sixth toe?
    Chase: MAKE IT STOP!

    Lola: Shh! I'm trying to talk to the dead.

    Chase: Yes, it's fun watching Chase hurt himself... Heh, after dinner I'll be stumbling then falling of a cliff. Make sure you get good seats!

    Zoey: You know what would be cool?
    Lola: Being married to Orlando Bloom?
    Zoey: No.... well yeah.

    Chase: Don't you know that girls don't mean half the things they say? Remember that girl you dated a couple of years ago?
    Michael: Oh, yeah. The Karen Franklin incident.
    Logan: What happend with Karen Franklin?
    Michael: Her birthday was coming up, right. So I asked her what she wanted and she said nothing! So I said "uhm, nothing?" and she goes "yeah, nothing" so I said "are you sure?" and she says "yes, I don't want anything". So, I didn't buy her a present.
    Chase: And?
    Michael: She cries for three days then moved to Wisconscin
    Logan: Wisconscin?
    Michael: It's the dairy state...
    Logan: Oh... (confused) Wait! What was the point of the story?

    Logan: (on television) Hello, my name is Logan Reese.
    Zoey: I'm Zoey Brooks.
    Logan: Today we're gonna talk about some interesting topics. First: Girls in sports. Now, I think it's fine if girls wanna have their own little sports teams but they should not be allowed to play in the guys teams! Zoey?
    Zoey: Yeah, you're right...
    Logan: Huh?
    Zoey: I said you're right!
    Logan: Okay... Lets move on to our next topic then... Oh, yeah. Ordering at restaurants. I say girls take way too much time to order food. (with a girly voice) "Uh, I'm a girl. I'll have a chopped salad but I want the lettuce on the side!" Guys are just like "Give me a cheeseburger!" End of story! Zoey?
    Zoey: I agree...
    Logan: Okay... For our next topic let's talk about... Eating kittens! I feel people should eat more kittens! Eating little kitty cats for breakfast! Do you agree with that Zoey, hmm?

    Chase: I look hot in a bikini!
    Zoey: And I don't want to know how you know that...
    Chase: No you don't!
  4. Quinn is unpacking her stuff
    Zoey: Uhm, Quinn? Listen since we're gonna be living together for a while, maybe we should go over a few... You know... Rules.
    Lola: Yeah, like?
    Zoey & Lola: No poison chemicals, no nuclear experiments, no genetic mutations, no cloning us without our permission... Quinn picks up a jar with some green goo
    Lola: And... No that!
    Zoey: Whatever that is...

    Logan tries to shoot the ball in the basket with the dress on but misses
    Logan: This isn't working!
    Quinn: Yeah, you're right.
    Logan: I've done everything you've said! I chased the chicken, I've got pelted by tennis balls and I wore this stupid dress all over campus!
    Quinn: Okay, try to tuck you elbow in tight when you shoot the ball.
    Logan: Elbow? Quinn makes a gesture to show Logan. He then tries and gets the ball into the basket The elbow thing works! Quinn: Yep, actually that was your only problem. Just the elbow.
    Logan: Awsome... Wait a minute... Then why'd you make me do all those ridicilous stuff?
    Quinn: Because you called me a spaz.
    Logan: Huh?
    Quinn: I don't like being called a spaz. Never did as a child. I hope you learned a little lesson here.

    Quinn: She threatened you? Oh,that's all I needed to hear! takes out a laser gun type thing. I'll be back in ten minutes!
    Zoey: No, no, no! Just put that down.
    Lola: Okay, what did Rebecca say exactly?
    Zoey: I don't know. Something like I better leave Chase alone and stay out of her way!
    Lola: That's so nervy!
    Zoey: I know! What am I gonna do? Quinn takes up the lasergun thing Put it down!

    Coach Keller: Allright that's it for today! Hit the showers! (Logan passes him) Reese!
    Logan: Yeah, what's up, Coach?
    Coach Keller: What's the matter with you?
    Logan: I'm just in a slump! I'll get over it.
    Coach Keller: You better or else I'm sitting you out next game!
    Logan: What? Oh, come on Coach!.
    Coach Keller: I've got no time for your whining, Reese! I'm gonna go and get me some soshi!
    Logan: It's pronounced sushi!
    Coach Keller: I say soshi!