Zoes at Outlets - Are they Still There and What Style/Colors?

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  1. What MFF Zoes are currently in outlets? Are there both leather and signature versions and what colors?

    I have a chocolate leather, black leather, parchment leather (all large) and a medium signature khaki/brown. I only pull out the medium signature for rainy days or outside activities. I'm addicted the large ones now! The funny thing is I paid full price ($348) for the signature at the boutique and got the other 3 large leather ones for around $150 at the outlets!
  2. I've seen quite a few Zoe's at my outlet. Mostly leather ones though. There's a baby blue, light pink, patent black, brown, I think I saw a navy one. There was a lot of them and I think they were running at $119 + the 20% discount. Hope this helps
  3. Adding to RainMaker's list, they also have peacock blue, gunmetal and patent fuschia leather. Not sure about the signature colors.

    The large Zoes were about $125 after tax, and the medium ones were about $110.
  4. Thank you! Wow, they've really come down in price!
  5. hi! has anyone seen a berry patent zoe in the small size.the color is so pretty,but i keep looking at the outlet and can't find one.please let me know if you have seen one.thanks!
  6. There are several of the berry patent Zoe pouches (the small one) on the Bay. They are pretty much gone from the outlets in that color, and have been for a long time.
  7. I noticed that there were some on ebay,but they want twice the price for them then what they were chargeing for at the outlet when they had them.i had a rose colored one but i returned it because it was too light in color.oh well thanks for letting me know.i guess i will have to pay the higher price if i want it.i never did see the berry color at my outlet.oh well thanks so much!
  8. There is a pretty patent pink Zoe MFF. So maybe they will make a plum patent berry Zoe MFF next?