Zoe wristlet still available?

  1. I've had my eye on the Zoe wristlet in teal and it's no longer on the website in that color. It's only there in red and green. Does anyone know whether it's sold out in stores too? It doesn't even list it as a search option when you search the stores' inventory. Or maybe moved to the outlet?

  2. Call the 1-800 number, if there are not enough in the system to support website sales, they will pull it off. I got my black one by calling, it was the LAST one.
  3. Wow the last one that was luck
  4. She wanted to show off. LOL.

  5. ^^ what, she didn't want to pose with her "flashier" lurex sister?
  6. i love all the zoey's .
  7. kristan what's that scarf? silk? it's beautiful and the mini skinny so cute.

    Zoe's got competition ;)
  8. Zoey's are so cute!
  9. Shhh, they don't like each other! Black seems to think she's too loud and over the top, and Goldie thinks Black is too quiet.

  10. Oh that's the Signature Stripe oblong scarf in pear.
  11. i just saw the teal one today at my boutique in bridgewater, nj. try calling the 800 number for availability, and if they say they don't have it, look up the number for my boutique and ask them to ship it.