Zoe Wristlet Owners, What do you use yours for?

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  1. HI,
    I have the Black Patent Zoe Wristlet to match my large Zoe bag (OCD), lol!!!
    I am just wondering for those whom own a Zoe wristlet...
    Do you use it as a Wallet inside of your bag... Cash, Change, etc??? (there are no pockets)
    Do you only carry her by herself... Cell Phone,Cash, Keys, etc.??? (cute this way but I own the matching bag)
    Do you use her as a Cosmetic case...and use something else as a wallet??? (inside is silk)

    Just wanting to know, wondering if I need to get the matching wallet ... I hate the thoughts of using the wristlet as a cosmetic bag but I am OCD when it comes to matchy matchy.
  2. I use mine as a cosmetic case, but yes, I also have to have every matching wallet or accessory that goes with the bag! It totally bugs me until I get a complete matching set (and I have very few sets unfinished), but sometimes the contrast with different pieces is nice too. I had to learn to love this because Coach doesn't always make the matching accessories for every bag! I think the Zoe wristlet is versatile, and you can use it in multiple bags!
  3. I have two and haven't even used them :sad: But they're so pretty!

  4. Thanks,
    It too is bother me, GEE!!! I wish I didnt let things like this bug me but I cant help it. I first got the wristlet in thoughts of using it as a wallet for my Zoe bag but it is too big for that, personally speaking. Then I think, hey what about a cosmetic case then get the matching wallet, OCD I tell ya :roflmfao:
    I glad to hear you use yours as a cosmetic case, didnt know if I should or shouldnt since the lining is silk.
    I guess I should go hunt down a wallet now... I will never stop:sweatdrop:

  5. YES, they are so cute! If I didnt own the bag to match, I would carry this alone and still will when I want something simple to run around with.
    For now though, I need to figure out what/how to use it for inside my bag.
    I am so bad to want the whole set or it drives me nutz... just like my ID/User name...:P It should be, purses-makes-me-nutz :roflmfao:
  6. I don't own a Zoe wristlet, but I do understand how hard it can be figuring out what goes where!
    Do you have a lot of things rolling around in the bottom of your bag? You could use it for keeping those things together and buy a wallet for money, etc.
    Maybe use it to hold any lotions, make-up? I know how you feel about the silk lining, but it would be better for stuff to spill in there than in your bag, right? (God forbid!)
  7. I have a chocolate leather Zoe wristlet. I use it, or one of my other capacity wristlets, when I get my hair done or whenever I don't really need to carry much and I don't want to worry about setting my purse down or getting something on it. A mini skinny or my Madison small wallet holds my ID, medical insurance cards and my debit card. My phone sits next to the wallet or mini skinny.
  8. Hello nutz4purses. I just purchases the patent black wristlet myself. Kinda bummed that I couldn't find the chestnut to match my lg Zoe, but oh well. Still works and looks good.

    I use mine for cosmetics, mirror, tylenol, nail clippers, tweezers, etc. I put all my little things in there, so that I can find them quickly and not have to search around my whole bag. HTH!!
  9. I use mine inside my bag as a "catch all" case. I have extra lip balm, a brush, tea bags, mints, jewelry, and makeup, among other things, in there. I can easily throw my ID, cash, and cards in there as well if I decide that I don't want to carry my purse.