Zoe vs. bleeker tote in plum

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  1. i have the bleeker tote in plum, its a very nice bag. it is very lightweight
  2. update... i orderd the bleeker tote in brass/plum. They're deleting from the store. i think they are heading to the outlet. My store only have the black patent and metallic bleeker totes left. The manager said they are deleting the plum color. I hope it will be at the outlet during xmas time, maybe i can pick it up there, and return the one i just bought today. it's $372 (incl .tax)
  3. Bleecker tote in plum... she's prettier
  4. I prefer the Zoe!
  5. I have a large Zoe in aubergine, and I think it is the perfect bag. I couldn't be happier!
  6. i like the zoe more..