Zoe vs. bleeker tote in plum

  1. hi, i'm so excited that i just received the fall gift from coach ($50 off $150 purchase). i'm planing to go to Coach tomorrow to use my credit, it's killing me to have it in my wallet. I'm thinking either b/t zoe (petrol vs. crimson) for bleeker tote in brass/plum. i'm a mom with two small toddlers, so i need a bag that is versatile. easy to care for. opinions please



    i don't own anything in plum or petrol color yet. I do own a few red bags but not the crimson shade
  2. I like the bleeker tote. I vote for that one!
  3. I like the bleecker plum tote. I think it would be a great size for a mom with 2 small toddlers. It would have enough room for your stuff and the kids stuff. The bag is also easy to care for :yes:
  4. thanks, i'm leaning towards the bleeker tote as well. The only decision to make is to get accessories this time and wait to PCE in nov/dec to get the bag, or get the bag now. I just hope this bleeker does not go to outlet soon.
  5. I m leaning towards the zoe 110%. I don't like the bleeker totes for some reason, they came after the pleated ergo totes that i like so much better. I'd consider rather a pleated ergo instead of bleeker, its the "almost same design"- just better :smile:
  6. I do have the pleated ergo satchel in brunt orange. and a carly in siggy/beet. I 'm not so sure now. Either one will be my first patent leather/
  7. I like the bleeker more but then again i'm a big bag kind of a girl. Since you have lil ones you can carry more "stuff" lol :tup:
  8. I have the Bleecker tote and I love it! It holds alot.
  9. I have tried on the Bleecker tote and it's very comfortable to wear, plus would hold a ton of stuff. The tote has my vote.
  10. thanks, i'm heading to Coach today. let's see what 's coming home with me.
  11. I vote Bleecker tote too! I have it in black and it does hold ALOT, I have two young boys so it makes it easier to throw their things in my tote than to carry extra bags!
    Good Luck! :smile:
  12. I like both bags.........but since you have two small toddlers, maybe the Zoe is a better choice because of the zipper.
  13. I have not seen the Bleeker tote in person, but I have seen the crimson Zoe, I really did not like the Zoe till I held it and touched it, so I think I would go for the Zoe.
    Maybe you can get one now and the other for Christmas.
  14. Of the two I like the plum bleeker
  15. I have the bleeker tote in mahogany patent leather. Love it.