ZOE - Scarlett Johansson bag in Lost in Translation

  1. It´s a beauty!
  2. Sorry for the double post (see below)
  3. I had one of those years ago, but sold it on eBay. I had a hard time with the fact that the bag only had a magnetic closure.

    Good luck if someone is looking for it!!!
  4. I was looking at the auction with the Zoe bag- (yes, a beauty!) looks like the seller bought one very similiar in a tote version. I think it's a slightly different bag because the straps are different. Is there a Zoe tote? Anyone familiar with it?
  5. How much do you gals think it will sell for? I'm thinking about it bidding but not sure how much I'm willing to spend on a second handbag mj bag.
  6. I have not seen the movie yet. Does that bag fit over the shoulder well?