Zoe Pouch

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  1. Does anyone have a zoe pouch? I would love to see modeling pics!!!
  2. Me too. I hate that they didn't have a "try this bag on" option on the site.
  3. Nope. But I'm guessing that the size will be similar to a Carly top handle pouch -- I'm pretty sure that there are modeling pics of that somewhere on the forum. I also really like the Zoe pouch (in bordeaux/aubergine sig).
  4. It is small (9"L x 6.5"H x 3"W)- and it is Carly pouch sized. The zipper does not open the full length of the bag, so it would be hard to get wallet in and out- IMO.
  5. i JUST got the zoe pouch in brown leather......I have to say it fits quite nice on the shoulder like the carly pouch does...
  6. Bagslave, Do you have any pics? I'd love to see it on!!

  7. I'll try to get some up tonight......I went out and got it on my lunch break:graucho:
  8. Were you able to use the PCE to buy it? Thanks!

  9. Yes.....any of the accessories (new or old) Im pretty sure you can use the PCE on it....

    The first SA told me I couldnt but when I went to pay the SA at cash was 50/50 if I could or not and confirmed for me
  10. Thanks!!! I was wondering because on the website it is listed under accesories. I was checking out the brown leather although the suede is really cute!
  11. I saw them at Dillard's today. The crimson is very cute!
  12. the petrol is a great gray color but Im not a fan of the shininess that patent gives.....i wish the had made a matte gray
  13. I saw this today and am i love! I am going back first thing on Friday to get it (They wouldn't let me get it today). The SA made a joke about how I might be in labor by then and I told her not to worry, I'll send my husband up while I'm pushing the baby out:P.

  14. You are too funny!