Zoe Pic and updated collection pics

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  1. No the pond was in the collection before mine I think, mine is definately the teal colour. I think the pond one was the one with 2 pockets in the front. But I'm not 100% sure
  2. congrats on the zoe!
    beautiful collection! i love the cobalt maggie!!!!!!!!
  3. Monogram Mat? Woweee! :nuts: I've never heard such a line before, but that's only because I've started learning about LV for only a few months.

    I knew there was something different about that shine that is so different from Vernis. It's a gorgeous bag. It's very pretty, x_TaNgErInE_x. Congratulations. I wish they didn't discontinue this style. I think it is the prettiest and more subtle than the shiny Vernis.