Zoe Pic and updated collection pics

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  1. I hadn't had the chance to post a pic of my new Zoe, so here it is plus I've included an updated Pic of my Collection, not including my accessories because I didn't have the time to find and take them all out. I'll have to do that another day

    My collection includes:

    1)HS tote Grass/Khaki
    2)Bleecker Tote Black/White/Black
    3)Zoe Silver/Grey (not sure about what the colour is called on this one)
    4)Legacy Shoulder Bag Teal
    5)Lurex Tote Gold
    6)Legacy Slim Flap Blue(not sure about the colour)
    7)Magenta Sabrina
    8)Black Sabrina
    9)Cobalt Maggie
    10)Patchwork Top Handle Pouch

    I've been collecting now for almost exactly 1 year!:yahoo:

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. Ooh la la! I love most of the stuffs that you have. They are pretty :biggrin:
  3. Congrats!! And gorgeous collection, I love the sabrinas and the cobalt maggie!
  4. She is such a beauty.
  5. Lovely collection and congrats on the new Zoe!
  6. woww weeee!!
  7. lovely bags! lovely colors! congratulations on your collection!!
  8. Very nice! Loving Maggie in the corner :P
  9. Great collection. I love your Zoe. Thanks for sharing:smile:
  10. Congratulations x_TaNgErInE_x! That's a lovely colourful collection. Enjoy them all in the warm summery weather! I've noticed this doesn't include your lovely LV collection (I see one Vernis LV in your avatar!) but that would probably take a bigger place setting to show them all off! :yes:
  11. Thanks everyone! I do love my Coach Collection:yahoo: I finally feel like I'm set for a little while. The last little while I've been feeling that some of my bags haven't been getting enough use and I've been missing then a bit. So I'm going to take a break from buying any new ones and enjoy the ones I already have

    I decided not to include my LV's this time but I'll do a complete collection photo one of these days ;) In my avatar that's actually a Monogram Mat Leather bag not Vernis. The Monogram Mat line was discontinued a few years back but I have to say I really do love it. I wish I had bought a few more items in it before they discontinued it though :sad:
  12. That's such a pretty zoe!!
  13. Wow beautiful collection!
  14. wow, great collection and congrats on the new Zoe!!!
  15. Love the Legacy - but isn't your shoulder bag pond?