Zoe Parchment & Gold Leather 12671

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  1. I really want this purse. I love the combination of white and gold. Does anyone have this particular colour combo? I'm just wondering if the white (parchment to be exact) is practical of if it gets dirty easily? I really want a white purse for summer.

    Is the handle gold? I saw one on ebay, and it looks like the handle is gold. :cloud9: I just love that color combo!!

    If anyone has this purse, can you tell me if you love the color and if you would recommend it?

  2. OMG So do I
    I had it and returned it and when I got home I CRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. WWWHHHYYYYYYYYY did you return it if you loved it??

  4. Honestly I was scared of the color - BUT since I change bags everyday - now I dont know why I returned but let me tell you one thing - If i find her - she is a KEEPER!!! She needs to be back in my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. that bag sounds like a dream...white and gold, what a nice combo!
  6. She really is not white - she is more of a bone pearlized color
  7. Zoe Parchment & Gold Leather 12671 is on ebay!!!
  8. Yep but they are really high - since they were at outlet for around $130 with tax
  9. I have this bag, but TBH I haven't worn her yet. I often wear white bags, I just have so many other new bags and I only rotate every few weeks. She's really gorgeous, a nice warm white, with baby blue lining (which I really like with this color, just like my ivory Carly). The handle and straps are a metallic gold, very shiny and pretty. If you can find one at a decent price, I'd definitely get it. I think with some Apple protection the color would hold up great - my ivory Carly is almost a year old and it looks almost like new despite having been worn for several months.
  10. Thanks Toby11, I'm going to keep an eye out for this one - I'm in Canada and wouldn't dream of wearing this color until June, so I have a lot of time to look.
  11. I wouldn't be afraid of the parchment. It cleans so easy, just throw a pack of baby wipes in the zippered pocket and your good to go.
    I have a white hamptons hobo that I have not protected in any way and other then a bite mark in the hang tag (dang kids....) it looks as good as the day I bought it. Did I mention that one day my 3 year old covered (and I mean covered) that purse in lipstick and it came clean with dish soap. Even the stiching came out spotless.
    Coach leather products are so easy to maintain so I wouldn't worry about the fact that it is a light colour. Good luck on your hunt!
  12. I have this bag and love it and have no problems keeping it clean.

  13. It's beautiful. I haven't used it yet, but it's gorgeous. There is a close cousin that's MFF at the outlets now.
  14. I saw those and didn't realize they were MFF...they're very nice.
  15. Crazy, You still haven't gotten one yet? I remember seeing one of your zoe pics with them all lined up and though, "oh no, there's that pretty parchment she wants back." I feel the same way about my graphite maggie. Why oh why did I return.... oh wait now I rmember... $$$$$$

    You can go to my profile and see a pic of my parchment zoe. I'm ashamed to say the tags are still on her.