Zoe owners:: colors, styles, soft leather?

  1. Okay - the search is on to learn more about these bags & accessories. Were they only out for 2002-2003 season? -
    Please post pics and/or describe if you own something from this collection. I will try to post pics of what I have found.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Bump
    - anyone for vintage?
  5. Here's a teal snakeskin and suede Zoe Tote that I found online a while back:

  6. Another Tote/Satchel style in cream leather:

  7. Thanks Thi Thi -Does anyone know if all Zoe have suede interiors? And how is the leather? - Structured, soft?
  8. [​IMG] Here's a baby one on eBay

    This cute little bag is black leather with pale pink topstitching. There is one large compartment with a small zippered pocket in the pink suede lining. There is the Marc Jacobs brass label inside. It says "Made in Italy" in the pink suede lining. On the outside, there is one large double-buttoned pocket. The inside of this pocket is also lined in the pink suede. The brass clasps say "Marc Jacobs" on them.

    The main compartment zips closed with a heavy duty zipper. The strap is adjustable (like a belt) with two buckles on each side.

    Measurements are:

    Width is 9 inches
    Height is 5.5 inches
    Depth is 1.5 inches
    Strap length is 17 inches
  9. Here is an image posted by Alisonanna of her Zoe:
  10. Here is a screen print Milena posted of the red Zoe carried by Scarlett Johanson in Lost in Translation:
    Zoe 2.jpg
  11. Source: eBay seller ddsdds123
    Zoe 3.jpg Zoe 4.jpg
  12. Does anyone know how the leather feels? - Hard, scratches easily? Or more like soft calf?
  13. Found a couple more Zoes....

    Multipocket hobo style in light blue:

  14. Same style in black, with pink suede interior:


    18362A.jpg interior.jpg
  15. Abby
    I have the first bag you posted.
    The leather is thicker than the new styles, but still really soft, don't think it scratches too easily mine still looks new, mine is lined in light pink suede and the inside pocket is lined in pink cotton. The little turnlocks are really cute as well.
    It's easily my heaviest bag and the strap really digs into my shoulder but I love it so put up with it. :smile:
    I'd love another one or two.........:yes: