Zoe or Kristin?

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  1. Which would you pick? A black patent Zoe or a black Kristin Baby Sage?
  2. 100% Baby Sage!!
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    Baby sage

    I have zoe n BS. I hve 4 BS n getting brown woven since its 50 30 now
  4. I was all set to say ZOE until I saw pics of that particular Baby Sage. Wow! I have the woven scarlet Baby Sage and I don't really love it. But that black one is amazing. I want to reach through the screen and feel it.

    Baby Sage
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    I have a black patent convertible zoe and I love it. Kristin is my favorite line, but I would not give up my zoe. I think you should pick the best one to suite your needs and would an asset to your collection.
  6. I have the large black patent Zoe. I got her new from the outlet, and it took me a while to get the rings on the handle to stop squeaking - but the bag is/was worth it. The sage style doesn't work for me, but I love the Zoe.
  7. I would pick the Kristin
  8. What don't you like about your Kristin?
  9. I have the black BS and love it, so that is my vote.
  10. one of my faves: black bs. :smile:
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    I would think the question is actually, how do you prefer to carry a bag?

    If you're talking about boutique style Zoe, it's a shoulder bag.
    (The later MFF Zoe's had a crossbody option too, but the original boutique style was essentially shoulder carry.)

    Baby sage is sooner satchel (hand/crook-of-arm carry) or crossbody. You can, in theory, double the long strap duffle-style to make it shoulder carry, but then it's much bulkier under your arm than a Zoe is.

    So I would think the question is not "which is prettier," but rather, "how would you want to carry it?"
    hand/crook-of-arm/crossbody ==> baby sage
    shoulder ==> zoe
  12. Mine is the woven kristin and she's kind of stiff. I love to gaze at her, but I haven't cut the tags yet. She doesn't have any slouch at all.
  13. Went with a Zoe on eBay. I like to carry my purse on the shoulder not the bend of my arm. Also like a short drop. I think I will be happier with the Zoe.
  14. I love the Zoe bag. I have two and find it's the most comfortable bag to carry. I'm sure you'll love yours.
  15. I agree. I love my Zoe's. I hope you'll be just as happy with yours.