zoe or julianne

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Zoe or Julianne

  1. espresso julianne

  2. chocolate zoe

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I can not decide :sad: Between Chocolate Zoe or Espresso Julianne... What does everyone think about julianne when carried by her longer strap?
  2. That is a hard one b/c I love them both - so darn - I was no help
  3. Julianne! The zoe is nice...but the Julianne is amazing.
  4. Def. the Julianne.....lovely bag! I like the Zoe but the Julianne.....oooooooh:nuts:
  5. Do you think the julianne looks just as nice carried by the longer shoulder strap
  6. def. julianne in expresso. Let me put in this way, I have a large expresso as well as black Julianne, since I want a expresso Julianne so bad. so funny, but it's true. I also have a chocolate zoe. Personally, I love Julianne more than Zoe.
  7. Espresso Julianne! They're both great bags, but Julianne is more versatile IMO.
  8. I have it in grass green and it is extremely confortable to carry with the long strap.
  9. Espresso Julianne:tup:
  10. If it is between the large Zoe and Julianne, I say Julianne. I have a chocolate Zoe and I love it, but it is the medium size. If I liked carrying larger bags, I think the Julianne would be better. The only thing that would worry me about the espresso Julianne, would be how she wears. That leather may scratch easier. I don't know though. Maybe someone has one and can let you know.
  11. I have both and I'd vote the Zoe. I have a large black Zoe and a black Julianne. When I use the short handles on the Julianne, my wrists/neck/shoulder hurts after a day of shopping. I can wear Julianne crossbody but my neck hurts after I do. I went to Ikea recently with my Julianne and carried a slim madison wallet, a large wristlet with makeup/pens, my keys, a bottle of water, and an Ikea catalog and man was I glad to take that bag off. The second time I went back to Ikea, I brought Zoe and it was much better for me.
  12. Zoe....maybe I am the only one but I CANNOT carry a Julianne, its painful on my shoulder and neck! Boy was it disappointing to find that out after I finally got a Julianne at a good price!! Good luck deciding!!
  13. I have a regular espresso Julianne and a large chocolate Zoe. I like the Julianne a little better, but treat the Zoe like more of an everyday bag and carry it more often. Honestly, since both have pretty much come and gone through the outlest and you might be at the mercy of re-sellers, I would probably go with the one you could get a reasonable deal on. I really do love both of them. BTW, have you checked out the new MFF Zoe in the mushroom/taupe color? It's not as dark as the two you are considering, but it's really very pretty and reasonably priced. I've already started using the black one I bought and think it's super comfortable worn as a shoulder bag or using the long strap. The leather is a little thinner that the original Zoe, but soft like the Parker bags while still maintaining the shape of the original Zoe's with a little slouch. Good luck with your decision; I don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices!
  14. Thank you ladies! I would get both if I could find them at good prices and hearing what everyone else is finding at the outlets in the shopping threads makes me wish I was not in oklahoma!!!
    Mayhurst- I did see that mushroom zoe, but was undecided.

    I even had thoughts about waiting for the perfect brown bag to come out this fall but who knows!
  15. Well, I just bought the expresso Julianne today at my outlet!! It's my first Julianne, and it's absolutely incredible. I love everything about this. BUT it is a tad heavy. The thing is, the weight may be distributed better on the Zoe...I have the chocolate Zoe, as well. It's a bit less awkward to carry. But as far as looks go, the Julianne wins. I'm hoping it'll go down in price some and I can get an adjustment, but I'm not holding my breath.