zoe lurex

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  1. so according to coach sa there will be a zoe lurex line coming soon and more metalics. if anyone has a coach bag in lurex could you please describe the material...is it shiny, sturdy ect?
  2. more metallics? this sounds amazing. i love metallics... do you mean zoe metallics, or metallics in general :smile:
  3. I don't have a lurex bag, but many lurex acessories... they are pretty sturdy, the lurex "shine" is sown in threads and looks very cute. I think it's sturdier than the coach signature fabric, but i may be wrong about that, i m not 100% sure.
  4. Sounds very interesting. I love the Zoe, but unfortunately, it doesn't love me. :sad: Coach is killing me with all of their metallics because I want them all!
  5. the sa said zoe metallics since it is very popular this spring
  6. Just got my first lurex BAG today for $65 at the outlet! I have been LUSTING over this bag since it hit Coach.com...for $328! HA! I also already own alot of lurex accossories and love them all! I'll post a reveal later! I now have a new matching set! YEAH!!! Can you even imagine the Zoe in the larger C lrex siggy...totally TDF if that's what they are doing! I bet it is!!! These lurex items were flying out of my outlet by the armloads! The gal behind me in line had about 4-5 bags...cosmetic pouches, mini's, capacity writslets! You name it she had it! Funny, I didn't get the feeling she was an ebay seller though!