Zoe Lurex Signature Clutch.....

  1. This has been out for a while right? I just found it on the website! I would to get one of these they are so pretty!
  2. I have this in black with the mini c's. It's super cute, but you cant fit much in it. They're at the outlets for $139 plus an extra 20% off, although I'm not sure if that particular pattern was there, but they had the black, silver and gold version.
  3. I have last year's version.


    I actually think they hold more than you might think. I use a mini-skinny to hold my money and ID, and I can fit my camera (small Canon) cell-phone, lip gloss and keys in there.
  4. I saw that design at the outlet also but it was on the Demi bags with the clips. Yeah the bag fits at most a mini skinny and keys, cell phone, and a lip gloss or two, its capacity is the same as some of the bigger wristlets.
  5. I saw similar ones at the outlets, but not those. The ones you guys showed were of better quality , IMHO!! Love yours, Krispin!