Zoe Lurex Clutch - new!

  1. Wow! Normally, I'm not into signature, but that is really pretty - very understated.
  2. That clutch is gorgeous. I agree w/ willowsmom and the metallic trim is beautilfully done.
  3. How adorable is this....you just never know what coach will come out with. Good, keeps us on our toes and excited over what could possibly be next.
  4. OH! Now that's pretty! I really like that! How much do those fit in them?
  5. Gorgeous clutch!!
  6. beautiful....very classic......:heart: it!!!
  7. I'm really liking that....simple yet elegant.
  8. i like this so much... i'm glad it's not the optic sig print, this one is so much more classy to me. i would def put it on my wishlist if i didn't just buy two zoes from the outlet!
  9. Haha OMG.. another Zoe :nuts: I don't think I can justify having two gold ones since I got the last lurex one too LOL.
  10. Now that one is really gorgous!
  11. wow! wow is about all i can say right now!
  12. that's a very calmer design of signature and i like it
  13. I want..that is very pretty:drool:
  14. I soooooooooooooo want this one.......