Zoe Leather or Siggy

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  1. I just picked up my first Zoe, tan with brown leather trim and I keep thinking that I NEED a leather Zoe. I was just curious what most posters have, leather, siggy or both!;)
  2. I have one leather and want a patent one too, no siggy for me
  3. Both of mine are leather. I wouldn't mind a patent leather one but I'm not crazy about siggy anything really.
  4. i voted for leather . i have the brown and black leather as well as the acorn woven. the brown and black leather are really nice, soft leather . looks and feels great and seems to be holding up well also. good luck!
  5. I have the large black leather and I also want the chocolate siggie but it appears to be missing in the state of Texas.
  6. The chocolate is missing here as well. I called my outlet and put my siggy on hold, chocolate, and when I got there it was the tan one and they didn't have any chocolate! Disappointed but I bought the tan/brown anyway in the large. Actually, I only saw the leather ones in the medium. I'm going back tomorrow to get a price adjustment on mine, got it the day before the coupon started , so maybe I'll run into large leathers AND chocolates! Oh the decisions!
  7. I vote for leather. I have three patent leather large Zoes and a Black leather Editorial. I love them so much. The only sig stuff I like anymore is the Op Art. I prefer the patent leather though. I used to only carry sig stuff because I was all about people knowing I was carrying a Coach bag, but I am over that now and prefer leather.
  8. I'd definitely go leather, I have a woven Zoe and I love her. I don't really care for the siggy, JMO.
  9. Both. I like the leather esp. patent because there are beautiful color but because the shape doen't hae much embelisments, i like siggy to mix it up a little.
  10. I have black on black signature--that's my favorite because it's less 'obvious' than other signatures; I would love to have a leather Orchid Zoe though.
  11. i like both. i really want a black leather one tho.
  12. I love both sig and leather. I voted for the leather for you but it won't hurt to pick up another zoe sig. I was using my sig zoe yesterday and it was just perfect. I like using signature when my clothes are plain color but when my clothes are printed I use leather bags. It's up to you. Both sig and leather are gorgeous.
  13. Mostly leather, but I like the chocolate/chocolate siggy zoe, which I haven't seen at an outlet yet.
  14. I'm biased since I have a leather editorial, but the sig. just didn't appeal to me. I would also be concerned about fraying like the Carly's.
  15. I have a black/black signature medium zoe and a large black leather zoe. I like them both, they are perfect for everyday use. I have a feeling once I switch to the large zoe I won't want to go back to the med though. I bought the med one before my son, now I tend to buy bigger bags since I know I will be carrying more stuff.