Zoe Kravitz

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  2. in a weird way, I think she is stunningly beautiful. Just fashionably confused.

    she couldn't put pasties on those things? :throwup:
  3. I find her beautiful too. Very much so. Just needs some grooming.

  4. She probably wanted them to show :lol:
  5. She is gorgeous! How could she not be w/ those parents? The nippage is a little more than I wanted to see though. Lol.
  6. She is beautiful. I think you can see her nips b/c of the flash and she probably didn't notice when she looked in the mirror.
  7. ummm Bra much? She looks like she is trying so hard to live up to her parents style and hasnt quite figured out her own yet. I do think she is a gorgeous girl though.
  8. She is incredibly beautiful. but she needs to wear something else. She looks quite a bit like her mother who I always thought was gorgeous!
  9. She's stunning. Her face favors her mother's so much. Her clothing choice, though, is too revealing for me.
  10. She is a beautiful girl, but needs some stylist help!
  11. hahaha...bad style on her outfit...:tdown:

    who is she?:confused1:
  12. Romeo Blue's, er.....I mean Lenny Kravitz's and Lisa Bonet's daughter.
  13. She's beautiful. She is wearing a bra. Just a very thin one.
  14. She looks exactly like her parents.
  15. why even bother wearing a shirt:shrugs: