Zoe in princeton / brooklyn!

  1. for those of you in the jersey area...i work at a store called Zoe in princeton, nj and they are having AMAZING sales right now on all designer things including handbags by miu miu, marc jacobs, marni, hogan, etc! right now most bags are marked down to 50% off!

    so come check it out!:yes:
  2. you work at zoe?? wow i used to shop there all the time when i was at pton...their stuff is AMAZING. oh how i miss palmer square shopping :smile:
  3. Do they have a website? Can you place phone orders? Which Marc Jacobs bags? PM me asap : ) :yes:
  4. - Zoe
  5. I was looking at the site for some other items (dresses et al, no Miu Miu bags up online unfortunately :sad: ), but do you know if they ship to Australia and how much? :biggrin:
  6. I ordered a skye in chocolate that was marked down to $495 and got it just now. I love the bag and the color and I love it even more because I paid what I did for it!!! This Gryson is one heck of a cool bag. I think they still have an Olivia in military for $620. Hmmm......looks interesting if only I didn't have the Botkier Crosby hobo coming my way soon.

    The packaging was excellent and generally nothing but positive things to say about zoe!!

  7. yes, they will ship to australia but not sure how much. i guess it depends what you order, etc. give us a call and we'll be glad to help you out!