Zoe in patent leather Chestnut!! *pics*

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  1. I was able to snatch this at PCE last weekend. The SA brought it out from the back alonge with other sizes and leathers to look at. It is so much prettier in person than on the website. The shape is functional and easy to wear. I honestly like it much more than the Carly. It has the perfect slouch. I did try on the huge one, but it was just too big for me.

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  2. Pretty! I like the slouch.

    That's chestnut? I wasn't expecting such a dark color.
  3. you were able to get this bag w/your PCE coupon? :confused1:
  4. Is that the large? I tried on the medium at Dillard's today and wasn't liking it. It was just too stiff and didn't slouch much, I thought the drop would be a lot longer too. Maybe the large would be better. How did you get it wiht PCE. My store is VERY strict about it.
  5. Beautiful! I saw a bunch of these at Dillard's today and I think that this is going to replace the Carly as my next must-have bag :smile:
  6. That is what the SA said; that this bag will be the new Carly. The color is so pretty; it looks true to life on coach.com


    Yes, I did receive the discount with the bag. :yahoo:
  7. OH my....I think Zoe is going on my wish list. Beautiful....and I'm a sucker for browns.
  8. you are so right about the slouch! i heart slouchy bags! so this is the medium one then?
  9. Lucky you! Enjoy!
  10. No, sorry this is the large size.
  11. That is so gorgeous! Congrats
  12. beautiful bag!!!!!

    i wonder why some SAs are lenient with items that are technically not supposed to be able to be bought with pce? congrats to you tho!!!! :smile:

  13. Oh, I know! I did not even ask for it; she just said "ooh, let me show you what I have in the back". I think it is because of location.
  14. So they DID let you use PCE on Zoe? That is awesome!

    (Lord, give me strength.)
  15. Lucky you! I hope my SA's let me use it on a bag that is excluded!